Carla Orge graduated in Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) in 2008. In 2007/08, she participated on a research project for pre-graduated students on the theme Catalytic Ozonation of Organic Pollutants Using Metalloporphyrin Complexes Anchored on Mesoporous Carbons. The dissertation thesis for end of course project was about Development of Novel Mesoporous Carbon Materials for the Catalytic Ozonation of Organic Pollutants. In 2009 she started the Doctoral Program in Chemical and Biological Engineering in Department of Chemical Engineering at FEUP with a Ph.D. grant financed by Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia (FCT). In 2012 she obtained her degree of Ph.D. in the area of Tertiary Treatment of Effluents by Catalytic Ozonation. In April 2013, she started her Post-Doc Grant funded by FCT in LSRE-LCM about Photocatalytic Ozonation for Micropollutants Abatement in Water and Wastewater.


Water treatment by Advanced Oxidation Processes (AOPs)
Development of catalysts for micropollutants abatement by ozone based processes


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NEPCAT - New equipment involving integrated catalytic processes for treatment of organic pollutants and disinfection of water. Reference: SI IDT - 38900/2012 F3. Funded by: ANI – Agência Nacional de Investigação, Projectos de I&DT em Co-Promoção. Starting Date: 2014/01/01. Duration: 18 months.
Carla Orge
Investigador Doutorado