PhD Student

Adriano Henrique

Processes TIP with new adsorbents for the octane improvement of gasoline

Ana Gomes

Multi-Stage Treatment Technology for Leachate from Urban and Industrial Waste Landfills

Ana Gorito

Combining constructed wetlands and advanced oxidation processes for aquaculture farms

Supervisors: Adrián Silva, Cristina Ribeiro de Almeida

Andreia Ribeiro

Rosemary- and tarragon - based ingredients as natural preservers: extraction, chemical characterisation and incorporation of free and micro encapsulated forms in foods products

Supervisors: Filomena Barreiro, Madalena Dias, Isabel Ferreira

Batuira Filho

Breakthrough Designs for Photocatalytic Membrane Reactors and Static Mixer Microreactors Applied to the Treatment of Indoor Air using Natural and Artificial Radiation.

Belisa Marinho

Integrated Photocatalytic-Sorption System for Oxyanions Removal: Mechanistic Approach and Environmental Remediation

Catarina Moreira

Continuous processes for production of biodegradable microparticles using the NETmix technology

Cristina Caleja

Incorporation of natural ingredients in dairy formulations as conservation enhancers and health promoters

Supervisors: Isabel Ferreira, Filomena Barreiro, Beatriz Oliveira

Dânia Constantino

Production of differents products by using the PermSMBR technology

Diogo Santos

Development of structured catalysts for pollution control

Elson Gomes

Development of a continuous process for vanillin and syringaldehyde production from kraft black liquor

Francesco Biancullo

ESR project title: Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)-driven photocatalytic membrane treatment of ARB&ARG and market/benchmark assessment

Hugo Bacelo

Development of tannin-based materials for environmental applications

Idelfonso Nogueira

Optimization and control of TMB, SMB and SMBR units

Inalmar Segundo

New Approaches for the Treatment of Leachates from Industrial Waste Landfills

Inês Dias

Improving secondary metabolites production through in vitro culture technique: chemical and genetic characterization of edible plants, bioactive properties and microencapsulation of phenolic fractions

Supervisors: Isabel Ferreira, Rita Carneiro, Filomena Barreiro

Joana Pesqueira

Tailor-made carbon catalytic membranes for water treatment

João Pinto

Development of Sustainable Polymer Solutions

Jonathan Espíndola

Breakthrough Desingns for Photocatalytic Reactors Applied to the Treatment of Wastewaters using Natural and Artificial Radiation

Kamila Wysoczanska

Extraction and purification of biomolecules: experimental studies and modeling

Luciana Mazur

Brown Marine Macroalgae as a Natural Cation Exchanger for Toxic Metal Ions Separation and Recovery from Water

Marcelo Costa

The NETmix® Technology, Applied to Gas Hydrates Production: A Potential Solution to CCS

Márcia Silva

Water–Energy Nexus: Adsorptive Water Generators and Adsorption Heat Pumps/Chillers

Margarida Brito

Mixing Mechanisms in 2D Reactors

Margarida Silva

Metal free carbon-nanocatalysts: graphene and its derivatives

Maria João Regufe

Carbon dioxide capture from flue gases by Electrical Swing Adsorption

Maria José Lima

Selective Photocatalytic Conversions Integrated on a Continuous-flow Microfluidic Process

Marta Barbosa

Multi-layer carbon-based cartridges for determination of EU multi-class organic micropollutants

Marta Pedrosa

Graphene-based catalytic membranes for water treatment

Miguel Moreira

Sustainable production of green fuel additives assisted by supercritical carbon dioxide

Nuno Moreira

Advanced wastewater treatment: organic micropollutants, human pathogens and antibiotic resistance genes

Paulo Carmo

Separation and recovery of vinyl chloride monomer from industrial streams by adsorption based processes

Pedro Gomes

Proteins Separation by Expanded Bed Chromatography

Rami Arafah

Separation of Nadolol Stereoisomers by Liquid Chromatography

Raquel Fernandes

Photocatalytic synthesis of compounds with pharmaceutical interest

Raquel Rocha

Carbon Catalysts for Liquid Phase Reactions

Raquel Rodrigues

Magnetic carbon nanostructures and study of their transport in microfluidic devices for hyperthermia

Ricardo Segundo

Nanostructured photocatalytic materials for solar-driven abatement of emerging pollutants present in household

Rui Ribeiro

Synthesis of Hybrid Magnetic Carbon Nanocomposites for Catalytic Wet Peroxide Oxidation

Shi Qian

New processes/adsorbents for para-xylene production

Vanessa Martins

Light Olefin/Paraffin separation by Cyclic Adsorption Processes

Vanessa Vieira

Using natural deep eutectic solvents for the extraction of bioactive compounds from plant material: valorizing walnut residues through the development of bio-based semi-solid formulas for topical use

Supervisors: João Coutinho, Olga Ferreira, Isabel Ferreira