Maria Filomena Barreiro graduated in Chemical Engineering in 1990 at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP). In 2000, and also at FEUP, she obtained the PhD in Chemical Engineering. She joined the Polytechnic Institute of Bragança (IPB) in 1995 where she is currently Coordinator Professor at the Department of Chemical and Biological Technology (DTQB). Since 2000 she is member of the research staff of the LSRE-LCM. Her main research interests are synthesis and characterization of polymeric materials with special emphasis to materials from renewable resources, polyurethane chemistry and microencapsulation applied to different industrial fields. During her career, she coordinated several research projects, mainly projects with industry, and supervised various post-graduation students. She has been member of scientific committees, organizing committees and participated in national/international evaluation boards.


Biobased products
Natural functional ingredients and applications
Nano- and Microencapsulation
Polyurethane chemistry
Hybrid and composite materials


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BIOBLOCKS - Concepção de produtos de base biológica como percursores para a bioindústria de síntese química e de biomateriais a partir de fontes lenhocelulósicas. Reference: SI IDT - 33969/2012 F2. Funded by: QREN/AdI, QREN Project. Starting Date: 2013/07/01. Duration: 24 months. NEWALK - Materials, Components and Technologies for Shoes of the Future. Reference: QREN-ADI-13850. Funded by: QREN/AdI, QREN Project. Starting Date: 2011/09/30. Duration: 39 months. Role: Coordinator
Filomena Barreiro