The activities of this Research Group have been focused on the intersection of the fields of Catalysis and Carbon, but the Group has also effectively extended its scope to encompass adjacent scientific domains, including new applications and novel materials. The current research activities fall into three main areas: Nanostructured Carbon Materials; Environmental Catalysis & Technologies; Energy, Fuels & Chemicals. Nanostructured Carbon Materials is a supporting and transversal research area, including the production of nanosized and porous carbons with tuned textural and surface chemical properties. Functionalized carbon materials are used for various applications, including catalysis (and also electro/photo/bio catalysis), adsorption, composites, membranes, supercapacitors, sensors, functional textiles and biomedical devices. The area Environmental Catalysis & Technologies addresses processes for water/wastewater characterization (including monitoring and risk assessment), treatment (including advanced oxidation processes (AOPs), catalytic membranes, and catalytic reduction of inorganic ions), as well as catalytic processes for air pollution control (namely the oxidation of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and NOx abatement). The third area is focused on the development of new catalysts and technologies for the sustainable production of Energy, Fuels & Chemicals, including electrocatalysts and carbon electrodes for energy conversion and storage; nanostructured catalysts for biomass conversion; CO2 utilization; and plastic waste valorization.