This group is dedicated to: synthesis and characterization of green novel solvents; measurement and modelling of phase equilibria for separation processes involving biomolecules and pharmaceutical principles; modelling of mixed-solvent and electrolyte-containing systems; computational chemistry for the parameterization of equations of state; water pollution prevention and mitigation for sustainable development; design of advanced, safer, and sustainable environmental technologies for treating soil, water, urban and industrial wastewaters and air streams; and new technologies/solutions to obtain alternative water sources, facilitate the recovery of nutrients and critical and precious metals, and promote the valorization of solid, liquid, and gaseous waste streams into renewable fuels & chemicals, contributing to the establishment of a circular economy that minimizes environmental impact while fostering economic benefits.

The strategic research goals align with the Horizon Europe priorities, focusing on research excellence, industrial competitiveness, and societal challenges, as well as those of UN’s SDGs 2030.

This joint research seeks to achieve scientific leadership in applied thermodynamics and environmental engineering, contributing to the accumulation of knowledge and the refinement of expertise in both the business sector and National Scientific and Technological System.