Cyclic Adsorption Processes

The core of our research is cyclic adsorptive separation processes such as SMB and PSA. In this field we developed an extensive expertise, letting us in a leading position at the world level. This research area aims the development of innovative cyclic separation technologies applied to difficult or novel industrial separations (PSA, SMB, ESA). Thus, in order to keep this position, we continue our research in the classic topics and, simultaneously, we also try to open new horizons for the future, always with environmental concerns and aiming at a sustainable development. In this context, the research on natural gas, biogas, shale gas, flue gas, syngas, olefin/paraffin, nitrogen/olefins, C2/C3, C3/C4, hydrogen production, and hexane isomers separation by PSA is under development, as well as, the research on CO2 capture and VOCs removal by TSA/ESA. In liquid phase separations, research is focused on SMB technology for the separation of chiral isomers, xylenes, sugars, MOS/FOS/GOS, and tatronic and gliceric acids. Moreover, parametric pumping has been studied for the removal of phenol and aniline from effluent streams. The separation of proteins (HSA, BSA, IgG) by expanded bed has also been a main topic within this line. Furthermore, this research line intends to extend the know-how to novel developments of those technologies (e.g., gas phase SMB for the separation of olefin/paraffin and methane/nitrogen, cryogenic adsorption processes) with forefront applications to eco-friendly products (e.g., water from air).