The Research Group on Product Engineering aims to advance the efficiency and sustainability of industrial processes and products. The focus lies in leveraging existing expertise and emerging research fields to drive innovation towards environmentally conscious solutions.

At the core of the group’s efforts lies the study of mixing in chemical reactors, using in-house developed technologies such as NETmix and CIJs. These technologies enable continuous mass production of chemical products and form the cornerstone of our research.

In a multidisciplinary approach the group extends its research to:

  1. Microcapsules, microparticles and emulsions tailored for industrial applications like functionalized textiles, food, and cosmetics.
  2. Micro/nanostructured materials and polymer/composites.
  3. Advancements in polymer engineering, optimizing processes such as Reaction Injection Moulding (RIM) and fostering sustainable polymer solutions.
  4. Perfume and flavour engineering, encompassing essential oil extraction from aromatic Portuguese plants and the development of tools for perfume design, performance, and classification.
  5. Agrofood products biovalorisation, focusing on synthetic vanillin and syringaldehyde production from lignin, and the extraction, stabilization, and incorporation of ingredients and compounds using green, sustainable technologies.

Research on process technologies has established a robust foundation in advanced engineering tools for unit operations design and integrated process simulations. These tools are actively utilized to support national industries and advance various research lines, contributing to the elevation of technical readiness levels across sectors.

In summary, the major research areas span a broad spectrum, united by a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and industrial advancement.