Lillian Barros graduated in Biotechnology Engineering at the Institute Polytechnic of Bragança, completed her PhD “Doctor Europeus” in Pharmacy (Nutrition and Bromatology) University of Salamanca in 2008, receiving an award for the best thesis of Faculty of Pharmacy. Was awarded with 2 FCT post-doc grants (Jan 2009-Dec 2011; Jan 2012-Jun 2013) in Mountain Research Center CIMO- Polytechnic Institute of Bragança, Research Group on Polyphenols-Univ. of Salamanca and Center of Chemistry- Univ. of Minho. She also received a research contract Ciência 2008 by the Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology (FCT) which was carried out at CIMO. At the moment, L.B was awarded with another post-doc research grant to be carried out in CIMO and Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering (LSRE). LB published 221 indexed papers, within the highest impact factor journals in Food Science and Technology area and has a 35 h-index (SCOPUS database, January 2017). LB is co-editor of a book that is published in Wiley-Blackwell and has written a book chapter for Springer. Co-editor of a special issue in BioMed Research International, editor of a special issue in Current Pharmaceutical Design (Betham Science) and is member of the editorial board of Journal of Composition and Analysis and International Scholarly Research Notices. LB has been member of financed research projects with different typologies, she has also been participating in Horizon 2020 projects 2014 applications, as also ERANet and Cyted networks. She also has experience in the supervision of PhD, Master and bachelor students.

Supervisors: (CIMO, IPB), Filomena Barreiro, Alírio Rodrigues


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Lillian Barros