Joana Vilas Boas received her BSc and MSc degrees in Biological Engineering from the Biological Engineering Department at Minho University (Braga, Portugal). She did her research studies during her Master´s dissertation at Wetsus, European Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Water Technology (Leeuwarden, The Netherlands). She holds a doctoral degree since 2022 in Chemical and Biological Engineering by Faculty of Engineering of Porto University (FEUP, Porto, Portugal) entitled: “Microbial fuel cells for wastewater treatment and energy production”. She has 11 years of experience in bioelectrochemical systems mainly focused on microbial fuel cells research. Currently she is a postdoctoral research fellow at LSRE-LCM (Chemical Engineering Department, FEUP), in the project 2SMART - engineered Smart materials for Smart citizens (NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000054). The current research focus is on “Components' development for bioelectrochemical water treatment systems”.

Supervisors: Salomé Soares


Bioelectrochemical systems
Microbial fuel cells
Biological wastewater treatment


J. Vilas Boas, L. Peixoto, V.B. Oliveira, M. Simões, A.M.F.R. Pinto. Cyclic voltammetry study of a yeast-based microbial fuel cell. Bioresource Technology Reports, 17, 100974, 2022 J. Vilas Boas, V.B. Oliveira, M. Simões, A.M.F.R. Pinto. Review on microbial fuel cells applications, developments and costs. Journal of Environmental Management, 307, 114525, 2022 J. Vilas Boas, V.B. Oliveira, M. Simões, A.M.F.R. Pinto. A 1D model for a single chamber microbial fuel cell. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 184, 627-636, 2022 J. Vilas Boas, V.B. Oliveira, L.R.C. Marcon, M. Simões, A.M.F.R. Pinto. Optimization of a single chamber microbial fuel cell using Lactobacillus pentosus: Influence of design and operating parameters. Science of The Total Environment, 648, 263-270, 2019 J. Vilas Boas, V.B. Oliveira, L.R.C. Marcon, D.P. Pinto, M. Simões, A.M.F.R. Pinto. Effect of operating and design parameters on the performance of a microbial fuel cell with Lactobacillus pentosus. Biochemical Engineering Journal, 104, 34-40, 2015


Healthy Waters - Identification, Elimination, Social Awareness and Education of Water Chemical and Biological Micropollutants with Health and Environmental Implications. Reference: NORTE-01-0145-FEDER-000069. Funded by: CCDR-N - Comissão de Coordenação e Desenvolvimento Regional do Norte, P2020|Norte2020 - Projetos Integrados ICDT. Starting Date: 2021/04/01. Duration: 24 months.
Joana Vilas Boas