Marcelo Costa graduated in Chemical Engineering at the University of Porto, in Portugal, in 2012, doing his master’s thesis at the Associate Laboratory LSRE-LCM with a thesis entitled “Development of Nanomaterials using the NETmix® Technology: Application to Production of MOFs, which focused on the continuous production of metallic-organic materials. He started his doctoral studies in 2013 at the Associated Laboratory LSRE-LCM, under the supervision of Professors José Carlos Lopes and Joaquim Faria, for product development using the NETmix technology, focusing on the continuous production of CO2 clathrates for carbon capture applications. In 2017, Marcelo Costa concluded his Ph.D. in Chemical and Biological Engineering at FEUP with a thesis entitled “The NETmix® Tecnhnology, Applied to Gas Hydrates Production: A Potential Solution to CCS”. Since then, he has been working on the HydraGtS project as a researcher at LSRE-LCM, FEUP with the goal of optimization the separation of CO2 from flue gas from power plants using a hydrate-based capture process.

Supervisors: José Carlos Lopes


Clathrates Hydrates Production
Hydrate-based Separation Processes
Carbon Capture Technologies
Process Simulation
Mixing in Chemical Reactors
Heat and Mass Transfer


M.F. Costa, C.M. Fonte, M.M. Dias, J.C.B. Lopes. Heat Transfer Performance of NETmix — A Novel Micro-Meso Structured Mixer and Reactor. AIChE Journal, 63, 2496-2508, 2017 R.S. Souza, P.S.S. Porto, A.M.A. Pintor, G. Ruphuy, M.F. Costa, R.A.R. Boaventura, V.J.P. Vilar. New insights on the removal of mineral oil from oil-in-water emulsions using cork by-products: Effect of salt and surfactants content. Chemical Engineering Journal, 285, 709-717, 2016
Marcelo Costa