Álvaro Monteiro is graduated in Chemical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto (FEUP) in 1991 and obtained, in 1998, the PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Porto after defending a thesis on Biological Degradation of Phenol in Fixed Bed with Bacteria Immobilized on Large Pore Supports.

Since February 2019, he is the director of the Study Cycle Assessment and Accreditation Support Office (GACE) of Fernando Pessoa University (FPU) and Fernando Pessoa Higher School of Health (ESS-FP) and member of the FPU/ESS-FP Quality Observatory, integrating FPU/ESS-FP internal quality assurance system.

He is Member of the Portuguese Association of Leaders of Engineering Teaching Institutions (APDI2E).

He is a member of the Evaluation Committee of Good Practices of the Portuguese Observatory of Best Practices in Strategic Management in Higher Education (Telescopi Portugal).

He is also a member of Fernando Pessoa Energy, Environment and Health Research Unit (FP-ENAS).

From 2001 to January of 2019, he was the Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology of the FPU, and member of the Board of Rectory of the same University.

From 2001 to January of 2019, he was also member of the Executive Council of the School of Postgraduate Studies and Research of the FPU.

From 2000 to 2009 he was Director of the Continuing Training Center of the FPU.

He was President of the Pedagogical Council of the FPU.

He was President of the Pedagogical Council of the Department of Science and Technology of the FPU.

He was Ombudsperson of the Department of Science and Technology of the FPU.

He was coordinator of the Environmental Engineering bachelor.


The environment, in the issues related to the treatment of water, both of water supply and wastewater, including design, assembly, and operation of some WWTPs, water quality, considering their multiple uses, including river water quality.
Influence of environmental factors in public health issues.
He is also interested in the area of electroplating, in the industrial area of surface treatment.


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Evaluation of Some Parameters Concerning the Ecological State of the Tinto River, Portugal. . Starting Date: 2013/01/01. Duration: 48 months. Role: Coordinator
Álvaro Monteiro
Professor Associado