Judite Vieira graduated in Chemistry - branch of Food Chemistry at the University of Aveiro in 1997 and she collaborated as Researcher Fellow in the Laboratory of Organic Chemistry of the Chemistry Department of the University. In 1998 she integrated as Teaching Assistant the Mechanical Engineering Department of Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (IPLeiria). She obtained her Master degree in 2000 in Chemistry of Natural Products, Synthesis and Characterization of Triazoles obtained from 2-styrylchromones. She obtained the Ph.D degree in Science of Engineering at the University of Porto in 2008, in the area of water quality of surface fresh waters. From 2008 she has pursued her teaching at IPLeiria in the Environmental Engineering Department and research career at IPLeiria and LSRE-LCM.


Sustainable Development
Water quality
Biosorption using low cost materials for water treatment
High value products from vegetal residues


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Judite Vieira
Professor Adjunto