Natalia Rey-Raap graduated in Chemical Engineering at the School of Technology and Experimental Sciences of the University Jaume I (Castellón, Spain) in 2009. She joined the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Construction as a research assistant from 2009 to 2011. In 2012, she started the doctoral program in Materials Science and Technology at the National Institute of Coal (INCAR-CSIC) in Oviedo, Spain; where achieved her PhD degree from the University of Oviedo in 2016. The PhD thesis was focused on the design of bespoke porous materials by microwave-assisted synthesis for several applications: thermal insulation, lithium-ion batteries, and supercapacitors. The PhD thesis was approved with distinction (Cum Laude) and awarded with i) Hunosa Award 2016 for the Best PhD Thesis, ii) Extraordinary PhD Award by the University of Oviedo in the field of Science and iii) Juan de Dios López González Award for the Best PhD Thesis in the field of Adsorption 2016-2017. The research performed during the PhD was also recognized as Finalist for the 8th edition of the Prize for Young Researchers of the Spanish Group of Coal 2017. 

Natalia Rey