Yaidelin Manrique graduated in Chemical Engineering at the University Simón Bolívar in Venezuela in 2007; after her internship in American Consult, S.A. (Venezuela) she continued working there, involved in several project of appraisal of machinery and equipment for insurance purposes and assessment for tax purposes. In 2009, she came to the Faculty of Engineering of University of Porto (FEUP) and obtained her Integrated Master in Chemical Engineering in 2010 with the thesis “Modeling and Simulation of Water-Gas Shift Reactors: from Conventional Packed-Bed to Membrane Reactor”. In 2017, she received her Ph.D. degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from the FEUP with the Ph.D. thesis entitled “Supercritical fluid extraction and fractionation of bioactive natural products from cork”. From that point forward she stared a new project to the synthesis of electrocatalysts using the NETmix technology.


Chemical Reaction Engineering
Process Modelling and Simulation
Supercritical Fluid Extraction


Y.A. Manrique, A.R. Özdural, D. Trébouet, A.M. Ribeiro, J.M. Loureiro. Explicit equation for the determination of the overall mass transfer coefficient in a hollow fiber membrane contactor. Chemical Engineering Science, 166, 201-219, 2017 Y.A. Manrique, C.V. Miguel, D. Mendes, A. Mendes, L.M. Madeira. Modeling and simulation of a packed-bed reactor for carrying out the water-gas shift reaction. International Journal of Chemical Reactor Engineering, 10, 2012
Yaidelin Manrique
Investigador Doutorado