Dorinda Silva is graduated in Biochemistry (2006) by the University of Algarve and received her PhD in 2012 at University of Extremadura (Spain). Since July 2023 she is Assistant Researcher at LSRE-LCM R&D Unit at the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria, which integrates the Associate Laboratory ALiCE. Her research activities are mainly focused on functional processes for the removal of environmental pollutants from water, including development and application of biomaterials and catalysts. From 2012 to 2019 Dorinda Silva was a Post-Doctoral Researcher in different research areas bringing a multidisciplinary dimension to her experience. In 2021, she started as a contract Researcher at IPLeiria under the scope of the MBStox project (PTDC/BIA-MIB/31864/2017) and in 2021 she integrated the Associated Laboratory LSRE-LCM.

She is member of the Portuguese Society of Biochemistry and of Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry. Since 2022, she is member of the Advisory Task Force of the World CDG Organization and member of the European Scientific Committee of the Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry.

Until now she was responsible for the laboratory implementation of several innovative research methods. Since 2008, DMS participated in more than 10 funded R&D projects being IR in 2 of them and acting as reviewer in indexed scientific journals. She has been involved and in the supervision of BSc, MSc and PhD students and participates as jury member of MSc and PhD theses.

Her indexed publications include 36 scientific publications with an h-index of 16 and a unique experience in a diversity of scientific areas that allows a broad insight into the invisible links for scientific development in environmental sciences to respond the actual challenges of humanity.


Analytical Chemistry
Toxicology and Science Translation


D. Marques-da-Silva, J.M. Lopes, I. Correia, J.S. Silva, R. Lagoa. Removal of Hydrophobic Organic Pollutants and Copper by Alginate-Based and Polycaprolactone Materials. Processes, 10, 2300, 2022 Lopes J.M., Marques-Da-silva D., Videira P.Q., Lagoa R.L.. Comparison of Laccases and Hemeproteins Systems in Bioremediation of Organic Pollutants. Current Protein and Peptide Science, 23, 402-423, 2022 Marques-da-Silva D., Videira P.A., Lagoa R.. Registered human trials addressing environmental and occupational toxicant exposures: Scoping review of immunological markers and protective strategies. Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology, 93, 103886, 2022
Dorinda Silva
Investigador Auxiliar