Microcapsules for Functionalized Textiles

Polyurethane/Urea Microcapsules by Interfacial Polymerization

Microencapsulated perfumes for textile application

Interfacial polymerization was used to produce polyurethane/urea (PUU) microcapsules with a perfume for industrial application on textile substrate having in view man suits production.

The extent of reaction of PUU microcapsules formation was followed by FTIR. Size distribution and morphology of the produced microcapsules were studied using particle size analysis, optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy.

Impregnation on textile substrates was tested both at laboratory level and at industrial scale. The fragrance release from textile substrates was measured with headspace chromatography. The content of microcapsules was released with light abrasion to simulate day-to-day wear, and fabrics impregnated at laboratory scale have survived to 9000 abrasion cycles. Microcapsules have continued to release aroma up to five dry cleaning washing cycles.

Polymerization reactor for microcapsules production
Polymerization reactor for microcapsules production
SEM of impregnated fabrics with microcapsules
SEM of impregnated fabrics with microcapsules
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