Lucas Coêlho has a Bachelor and a Master degree in Pharmaceutical Science from the Federal University of Pernambuco (UFPE, 2010). After the Master, he has become Project Manager and, later on, Industrial Director of a Brazilian company that develops products and processes for sugar mill and water treatment industries.

In 2013, returned to academic studies at UFPE and in 2017 obtained his PhD degree in Chemical Engineering, in collaboration with LA LSRE-LCM. The research carried out at the LA LSRE-LCM was supervised by Prof. Alírio Rodrigues, Dr. Ana Mafalda Peixoto and Dr. Rui Faria and aimed the production and purification of added value compounds of industrial interest from waste materials.

Lucas also has a Specialization in Innovation Management and Technology Diffusion (UFPE, 2014) and always involved with themes related to research, development and Innovation.
He is passionate for people, technological innovation and business!


Chemical Reaction Engineering
Chromatographic Separation Processes
Simulated Moving Bed Technology
Adsorption based reactive-separation processes
Process modelling and simulation
Process Intensification


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Lucas Coêlho