Processes for Pollution Control

There is a growing concern in looking for single or integrated physical, chemical and biological processes able to control pollution in an environment-friendly sustainable way. Gravity separation, absorption and adsorption, advanced oxidation and biological processes are being employed by the research group for oil, heavy metals, toxic metalloids, emerging pollutants and nutrients removal from wastewaters. Advanced Oxidation Processes and Electrochemical Advanced Oxidation Processes have been applied to water and wastewater decontamination, involving organic compounds degradation and inorganic oxanions oxidation/reduction to less toxic/mobile ions. Specific applications include: (i) water disinfection from private swimming pools, (ii) decontamination of indoor air, (iii) tertiary treatment of urban wastewaters, as polishing step to eliminate emerging pollutants, (iv) treatment of landfill leachates, (v) treatment of wastewaters containing inorganic oxanions. Novel techniques and operational methods are also being developed aiming at intensification of processes.