Teresa Dinis holds a MSc in Industrial and Environmental Biotechnology at University of Aveiro, in 2015. She thereafter received her PhD in 2020 based on a PhD scholarship from Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT) entitled “Development of ionic-liquid-based supported materials for the purification of Ribonucleic Acid (RNA)” (SFRH/BD/130958/2017), under the supervision of Dr. Mara G. Freire (Main Research Coordinator at CICECO ) and Prof. Dr. Fani Sousa (Auxiliary Professor at CICS-UBI). Teresa’s scientific knowledge is mainly focused on the development of more sustainable extraction processes of high value-added products towards the recovery of bioactive compounds from renewable resources. Teresa is currently a postdoctoral fellow at LSRE-LCM, where she expects to give her scientific contribution for the “Development of aroma and aroma models for the bakery industry”, under the project “ValorNatural - Valorização de Recursos Naturais através da Extração de Ingredientes de Elevado Valor Acrescentado para Aplicações na Indústria Alimentar” (NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-024479). Teresa already accounts with 9 publications in peer-reviewed multidisciplinary high impact journals, several oral and poster communications in national and international conferences and one best poster award.

Supervisors: Madalena Dias, Isabel Martins


Chemical Engineering
Bioprocess Engineering
Extraction and Purification
High value-added products


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Teresa Dinis
Post-Doctoral Researcher