Perfume Engineering

Perfume Engineering is a research line developed at LA LSRE-LCM since 1998 aiming the development of scientific methodologies useful in the preformulation stages of perfume design using concepts from Chemical Engineering combined with psychophysics for human sensory perception. The team has made a remarkable work in the field of Product Engineering as confirmed on the book recently published entitled ‘Perfume Engineering: Design, Performance & Classification’. In 2004 a spin-off company named i-sensis was created aiming the development of personalized perfumes and olfactive marketing, and in 2015 the doctoral thesis ‘Perfume Performance and Classification: Perfumery Quaternary-Quinary Diagram (PQ2D®) and Perfumery Radar’ was classified as the best European doctoral thesis in the area of Product Design & Engineering according to the European Federation of chemical Engineering (EFCE). Research activities are targeted to the development of methodologies supporting the design, performance and classification of scented products, as the Perfumery Ternary Diagram (PTD®) and Perfumery Quaternary-Quinary Diagram® (PQ2D®) methodologies, Diffusion model, Perfumery Radar (PR) and Perfumery Radar 2.0 (PR2.0) methodologies.