New Book "An Integrated Approach for Added-Value Products from Lignocellulosic Biorefineries"

August 2018

LSRE-LCM congratulates Professor Alírio Rodrigues, Professor Filomena Barreiro, Doctor Paula Rodrigues Pinto, Doctor Carina Costa, Doctor Inês Mota and Doctor Isabel Fernandes for their recent book entitled An Integrated Approach for Added-Value Products from Lignocellulosic Biorefineries - Vanillin, Syringaldehyde, Polyphenols and Polyurethane.

This book offers the state of the art on the progress and accomplishments of 25 years of research at the Associate Laboratory LSRE-LCM - Laboratory of Separation and Reaction Engineering - Laboratory of Catalysis and Materials on lignin conversion to value-added products and their downstream separation. The authors present the integration of the valorisation pathways as an exclusive vision of LSRE-LCM resulting from hands-on experience on reaction and separation processes: the integrated process for lignin valorisation.

Main Contents:

  • Provides state of the art on lignin and bark in biorefineries and pulp mills
  • Presents an integrated approach to get valuable products (vanillin, syringaldehyde and polyurethanes) from kraft lignin
  • Delivers data on chemical reaction engineering related with lignin oxidation
  • Reports results on membrane processing, adsorption and ion-exchange as separation processes to recover high added-value products from lignin and bark
  • Provides the most recent developments on synthesis, characterisation and applications of lignin-based polyurethanes

For those who are interested in this subject-matter of Lignocellulosic Biorefineries we advise the read of this book.

Full Book Reference:

A.E. Rodrigues, P.C.R Pinto, M.F. Barreiro, C.A.E. Costa, M.I.F. Mota, I. Fernandes. An Integrated Approach for Added-Value Products from Lignocellulosic BiorefineriesSpringer International Publishing, 2018. eBook ISBN: 978-3-319-99313-3; Hardcover ISBN: 978-3-319-99312-6

Publisher link:

Keynote Lecture at ICEER 2018 by Alírio Rodrigues

July 24, 2018

Alírio Rodrigues, Emeritus Professor at the U. Porto was invited as Keynote Speaker on the 5th International Conference on Energy and Environment Research (ICEER 2018) that took place at Prague, Czech Republic during July 23-27, 2018.

This year edition of ICEER was organized by Science and Engineering Institute (SCIEI), co-organized by ISEP, sponsored by CIETI&LEPABE.

The lecture entitled "Valorization of Lignin: A Contribution to the Circular Economy in the Pulp Industry" was focused on the research group area Lignocellulosic Biorefinery lead by Prof. Alírio Rodrigues.

Prof. Alírio Rodrigues research areas of interest are:
 - Cyclic Adsorption Processes: SMB; PSA; Electric Swing Adsorption ESA; Parametric pumping; Expanded bed adsorption for various separations: CO2 capture, olefins/paraffins, syngas, H2 purificarion, chiral separations, proteins separations; Perfusion chromatography.
 - Process Intensification: Simulated Moving Bed Reactor (SMBR) and PermSMBR for the synthesis of acetals and green solvents; Sorption Enhanced Reaction Processes (SERP) for H2 production.
 - Biorefineries: Lignin valorization to get vanillin; syringaldehyde & polyurethane.
 - Perfume Engineering and Microencapsulation.

Prof. Alíro E. Rodrigues and Prof. Rui A.R. Boaventura are also members of the Scientific & Technical Committee (STC) of ICEER 2018.

Other information about ICEER 2018 and previous editions:



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LIMEX - Innovative Membrane Extraction of Lithium for Spent Lithium-Ion Battery Recycling. Reference: ERA-MIN/0004/2018. Funded by: , . Starting Date: 2019/09/01. Duration: 36 months.
NOR_WATER - Poluentes emergentes nas águas da Galiza-Norte de Portugal: novas ferramentas para gestão de risco. Reference: 0725_NOR_WATER_1_P. Funded by: Autoridade de Gestão do Programa Operacional de Cooperação Transfronteiriça Espanha-Portugal, . Starting Date: 2019/04/01. Duration: 33 months.
Valor Natural - Natural Resources through the Extraction of High Added Value Ingredients for Applications in the Food Industry. Reference: NORTE-01-0247-FEDER-024479. Funded by: , . Starting Date: 2018/09/01. Duration: 36 months.


Elson Dinis Gomes
Development of a continuous process for the production of vanillin and syringaldehyde from kraft black liquor
Francesco Biancullo
Lab to Pilot-Scale Photocatalytic Treatment of Antibiotics, Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria and Antibiotic Resistance Genes
Dânia Sofia Martins Constantino
Process Intensification for Butyl Acrylate Synthesis based on Sorption-Enhanced Reaction and Pervaporation-based Hybrid Processes
Vanessa Filomena Duarte Martins
Light Olefin/Paraffin Separation By Cyclic Adsorption Processes
Marta Filipa Ferreira Pedrosa
Graphene-Based Catalytic Membranes for Water Treatment
Shi Qian
New Processes and Adsorbents for p-Xylene production
Batuira Martins da Costa Filho
Intensification of Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Processes using the NETmix mili-photoreactor for VOCs Oxidation at Gas Phase
Maria João Barbosa Regufe
CO₂ Capture from Flue Gases by Electric Swing Adsorption