PhD Student

Adriano Henrique

Processes TIP with new adsorbents for the octane improvement of gasoline

Albertina Rios

Proteins Separation and Purification by Cyclic Adsorption Processes

Ana Araújo

Development of carbon based materials for CO2 electrochemical reduction

Ana Esteves

Light optimisation on microalgae cultivation and production of high-value products: from laboratory to pilot scale

Supervisors: José Carlos Magalhães Pires, Vítor Vilar

Ana Gorito

Combining constructed wetlands and advanced oxidation processes for aquaculture farms

Supervisors: Adrián Silva, Cristina Ribeiro de Almeida

Ana Luísa Vieira

Synthesis of carbon-based bifunctional electrocatalysts for renewable energy conversion

Ana Pereira

Leito móvel simulado em fase gasosa para separação de metano e azoto

Ana Sofia Santos

Removal of organic and inorganic pollutants from water in continuous catalytic systems

André Torres Pinto

Smart Conception of Photocatalytic Carbon Membranes for Water Treatment

Asma Sharkawy

Development and characterization of encapsulation systems for the protection and controlled release of active agents

Bruno Castro

Simultaneous Adsorption and Reaction of Xylenes

Carlos Vega-Aguilar

Dicarboxylic acids from lignin

Catarina Gomes

Design of cellulose-synthetic hybrid polymer vehicles for polyphenols uptake/release combining controlled radical polymerization with molecular imprinting technique

Cláudia Almeida

Valorisation of natural products via supercritical fluid extraction and product refining by NETmix technology

Supervisors: Madalena Dias, Yaidelin Manrique, Fernando Martins

Cristiana Gomes

Valorización de subproductos y aguas residuales de la industria conservera en el espacio POCTEP

Daniela Morais

Advances in photoelectrocatalysis: A continuous-flow photoelectrocatalytic static mixer

Supervisors: Francisca Moreira, Vítor Vilar, Carlos José Macedo Tavares

Emanuel Sampaio

Simultaneous treatment of gas and liquid effluents containing Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) by heterogeneous Fenton process using bubble column reactors

Fabiane Lira

A step forward in photocatalytic nitrogen fixation: Towards a more sustainable future

Fernanda Roman

Amphiphilic carbon-based materials for one-pot desulfurization and denitrogenation of liquid fuels

Filipa Casimiro

Studies on Lignin Oxidation and Degradation of Phenolic Products

Filipa Freitas

Continuous controlled crystallization of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) in an oscillatory NETmix reactor

Supervisors: Madalena Dias, António Ferreira

Giovana Colucci

Lignin-based Pickering stabilizers for innovative cosmeceutical formulations

Supervisors: Filomena Barreiro, Alírio Rodrigues

Hanane Boumeriame

Development of a novel family of photocatalysts for hydrogen generation in solar applications

Heloísa Almeida

Hydrosols as natural antimicrobials for food applications

Hugo Bacelo

Development of tannin-based materials for environmental applications

Inês Oliveira

Light-activated hierarchical nanostructures of carbon nanotubes/metal oxides for water treatment

Isabel Barbosa

Design and Simulation of Structured Photoreactors

Isabel Fernandes

Multiphase Flow in Mesostructured Reactors

Isabella Correa

An innovative approach to the production of solketal: the Supercritical Simulated Moving Bed Reactor

Isabella Tomasi

Preparation of tannin adsorbents/coagulants from natural and residual materials of plant origin

Joana Carvalho Lopes

Photocatalytic valorization of biomass as value-added chemicals and fuels

Joana Matos

Controlled Combustion Processes in Mesostructured Reactors

Supervisors: Ricardo Santos, Madalena Dias, Alexandra Rodrigues Pinto

Joana Monteiro

Tecnologia avançada de maximização da performance energética de ETAR, potenciando a sua autossuficiência, através da integração de processos de pré-tratamento de lamas com radiação solar/artificial na etapa de digestão anaeróbia

Supervisors: Vítor Vilar, Maria Madalena Alves

Joana Pesqueira

Tailor-made carbon catalytic membranes for water treatment

João Pinto

Development of Sustainable Polymer Solutions

Júlia Kessler

Supercritical extraction and NETmix technology to produce green and stabilized M. oleifera functional ingredients having in view cosmeceutical formulations

Supervisors: Maria Filomena Barreiro, Madalena Dias, Alírio Rodrigues

Karoline Ferreira

Catalytic conversion of bio-oils into aviation fuel

Larissa Paulista

Intensifying CO2 photoreduction into value-added fuels using microscale ilumination

Liandra Teixeira

Co-encapsulation of natural colorants for color and bioactivity modulation

Liliana Gonçalves

Combination of COFs and Bimetallic Nanoparticles as a Strategy for Achieving Efficient CO2 Methanation Catalysts

Lucas Zafanelli

Green Hydrogen Recovery from Natural Gas Grids by Adsorption Processes

Lúcio Gomes

Developing solar-based solutions to accelerate hydrolyse stage of sewage sludge with co-substrates in anaerobic digesters

Luís Oliveira

A novel Cyber-physical prototype for on-demand perfume optimal design and production

Maria Amélia Barros

Photoactivated metal-free smart textiles with self-cleaning and antibacterial properties

Mariana Bessa

Design of Pressure Temperature Swing Adsorption process for methane upgrade

Mariana Miranda

Impact, mobility and attenuation of micropollutants in environmental compartments

Mariko Carneiro

Contaminant removal from wastewater using cork granulates

Marisa Gomes

Influence of surface-modified carbon nanotube/polydimethylsiloxane composites on bacterial adhesion and biofilm formation

Mateus Pituco

Intensification of ozonation processes in a novel pressurized mili-reactor for water and wastewater treatment

Mateus Caixeta

CFD modeling and simulation of a tube-in-tube membrane reactor for ozonation towards CECs removal from municipal wastewaters

Mohsen Karimi

CO2 Capture in Post Combustion Processes

Patrícia Ramalho

Selective reduction of nitric oxide(NOx) over carbon-based catalysts

Paula Remor

Barreiras Reativas Permeáveis preenchidas por Grânulos de Cortiça para Remediação de Solos Contaminados com Hidrocarbonetos e Crómio Hexavalente.

Supervisors: Vítor Vilar, Sónia Figueiredo

Pedro Presumido

Disruptive Photo-Catalytic/Electrocatalytic Membrane Reactors for Tertiary Treatment of Urban Wastewater

Pedro Velho

Production of antioxidants from Portuguese biowaste using green novel solvents

Pedro Walgode

Development of a continuous and efficient process for the production of dihydroxyacetone from glycerol by catalytic oxidation

Rafael Dias

Gas-phase simulated moving bed for methane and nitrogen separation

Rafael Morais

Noble-metal free carbon-based materials for energy conversion

Rami Arafah

Separation of Nadolol Stereoisomers by Liquid Chromatography

Rita Almeida

Tratamento seletivo de um efluente industrial por adsorção

Rute Seabra

Separation of light olefins/paraffins by adsorptive processes

Samara Silva

Development of an integrated approach to produce phycocyanin and valorize co-bioproducts from Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis)

Sandra Miranda

Intensification of Heterogeneous Photocatalytic Processes using an Innovative Static Mixer Micro-Meso-Structured Photoreactor Towards Indoor Air Treatment – CleanAir

Sara Santos

A Multistage Treatment Strategy for Leachates from Solid Waste Landfills: Breaking Barriers Towards Environmental Compliance

Supervisors: Vítor Vilar, Tânia Silva, André Bezerra dos Santos

Stephany Rezende

Solid dispersions as a technology to tailor made natural colorants-based formulations

Supervisors: Filomena Barreiro, Madalena Dias, Fernanda Vitória Leimann

Tatiana Schreiner

Process and Thermodynamic Studies of Emulsions as Vehicles for Transport and Delivery of Functionalities

Zhipeng Yu

Synthesis of Single Atom and Clusters for Energy Conversion Applications